Sarah Magistro

Sarah is part of the performer selection committee, handles the grant writing, photography and video, design and marketing, while maintaining our Facebook and Instagram presence

​Like a fun job?We are looking for additional Board members or just volunteers. It may be as simple as  helping us tear down after a concert. Do as much as you have time for. We all work together well and have room - and need - for more.  (See below)

Laurie Weingart

Laurie  does our advertising,  and helps as the need arises.

Bobby Z

Bobby is Chairman of the Board, serves as treasurer, is the performer selection committee, sets up the stage, makes the decision to move indoors when inclement weather threatens, He does SO much.

Think you'd like to be involved?We are always looking for warm bodies and friendly folks to join us. You may do as much as your time and interest permits. Even if it is just to help us move the stage back to our storage shed, we can use your help. You will find that we get along well together and each person does their part without prompting. It's a good way to give back to the community or to become involved in it.Speak to one of us or use the Contact page.