Music on Mainstreet will provide musical concerts, free and open to all for the enjoyment and benefit of the community.  Providing live diverse musical entertainment not ordinarily heard in our area, encouraging community gathering, and promoting the village to visitors is the purpose of music on mainstreet

Canajoharie, NY's Free Summer Music Program


In late summer of 1995, the Canajoharie Economic Development Committee (CEDC), along with concerned members of our community, recognized the need for revitalization of Canajoharie's core business district. The Mainstreet Committee was organized and charged with developing a plan for the future of the downtown area. Long-term goals were developed and specific ideas targeted that would enhance the appearance and vitality of the community. In the short term, events that would create interest and pride in Canajoharie were encouraged.

During a public meeting held by the CEDC, Bob Buck and Phyllis Lapi brought the concept for Music on Mainstreet before the committee. Our goals were to provide a common place for residents to gather, visit, support their village, and to enjoy free musical entertainment. We also felt that this would be an opportunity to showcase our business district, schools and homes, by attracting visitors from outside of our area. With Canajoharie being 40 miles distant in either direction from any major source of live entertainment, we felt that Music on Mainstreet could provide the same type venue that residents of larger cities enjoy.

So in the fall of 1995, Music on Mainstreet was born. The committee consisted of Bob Buck, Phyllis Lapi, Ron Dievendorf and Jeff Chapple. Being inexperienced and naive, we started the season with a very aggressive schedule. We applied for and received a grant from the New York State Council for the Arts Decentralized Regrant Program, administered by the Schoharie County Arts Council. Our program consisted of eleven shows at a cost of $5000. When we received notification of our $1000 grant award (substantially less than we needed), we had to make a decision whether or not to proceed with our ambitious schedule. By a unanimous decision, we decided to continue. Of necessity, we quickly learned the art of fund raising. The money was raised, the show went on, and the rest is history.

You may count on us to provide a very diverse musical mix of music: classical, Latin and American Jazz, Swing, Older Rock, Irish, Bluegrass, Folk, Blues, Flamenco, Zydeco, Country, R&B.... All perfectly free to the public. We are proud of the caliber of the acts that have performed for us over the past  years. Here are just a few of the bands/performers who have crossed our stage:

Alex Torres & the Latin Kings                                      Annie & the Hedonists                           Aztec Two-Step

Babik                                                                           Beatlemlania                                          Captain Squeeze & the Zydeco Moshers

Dick Solberg & the Sun Mountain Band                      Dry Branch Fire Squad                          Ernie Williams

Frank Vignola                                                              Hair of the Dog                                       Harvey Reid

Jay (of Jay & the Americans)                                     Jonathan Edwards                                  Maria Zemantowski

Professor Louie & the Crowmatrix                              Reggie's Red Hot Footwarmers             Roy Book Binder

Savoy Brown                                                              Soul City                                                  Sugar Ray & the Bluetones

Blue Rhythm Boys                                                      The Frank Wakefield Band                     The Fulton Chain Gang

The Glenngary Bhoys                                                 The Lustre Kings                                    The Refrigerators

The Wiyos                                                                   Tom Rush                                               Woods Tea Company

Zen Tricksters                                                             Brian Patneaude Quartet                       The Puppet People

Hey Jude                                                                     The McKrells                                          Lipbone Redding